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Year 4

By Year 4 the children are now established as juniors and as such the work becomes more challenging. They are required to produce a larger volume of writing and solve more complex problems. As a result of this, we encourage the children to approach tasks as independently as they can and to become Learning Champions by following the Learning Behaviours of the school. The children can achieve this by seeing errors as opportunities to learn and trying to be open and willing to discuss any problems. The children learn how to provide accurate and supportive comments when assessing each other’s work, providing feedback that both enhances their own understanding of a task whilst giving the partner useful and well targeted advice. The children are used to responding to adults comments and using these to improve their work too. 


We like to encourage mutual respect and co-operation, valuing everybody’s opinions and contributions. Children are taught that manners and kindness to others will not only make their classmates happier but will create an atmosphere where they can learn more productively. We encourage all children to work towards being Mission Makers by upholding and demonstrating the school values. Year 4's value of focus is 'Peacemakers'.


We have many fun activities planned for this year and we really hope that the children will have a fantastic time in Year 4.