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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School

Jesus the teacher guides our every step

Year 6 Mission Statement

The class agreed their Mission Statement for the year in September.

Mission Statement

Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School is founded on faith in Jesus Christ and the life of the school community is centred in His presence.

This is Year 6’s mission.

Offer love and kindness to others without expecting a reward in return.

Unite our bond with God by spreading His word to the people around us.

Resolve conflicts with your peers and the world.

Lead others and be good roles model to show them how to be a servant leader like Jesus.

Appreciate everyone’s differences to make a caring and thriving environment to learn.

Develop a good relationship with your community in order to support and provide for them.

Yearn to be learning champions and mission makers by being good role models.

Support parents to be the light that guides your way.