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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School

Jesus the teacher guides our every step

Year 6 Mission Statement

The class agreed their Mission Statement for the year in September.


In Year 6 we are all children of God and we aim to:

  • Guide one another to develop a stronger belief and faith in God by building a spiritual community through our actions and deeds.
  • Live out our school values in our everyday lives by showing compassion, loyalty, truthfulness and forgiveness, knowing that we all make mistakes.
  • Supporting teachers and parents as they educate us to grow as special children of God in a faithful community.
  • Grow as leaders of our community and the world around us so that we can develop our understanding of how we need to help others.
  • Respect people and property the way we would like to be respected.
  • Mentor others so that they can accomplish tasks and develop as learning champions, sharing their talents and skills with all.