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Year 5

Welcome to Year 5. This is a year full of challenges where the children face more complex concepts in preparation for their final year in Primary school and begin to look towards Secondary school.


We work with a cooperative and non-judgemental attitude seeing difficulties as opportunities to learn from. We pose the children problems in context that allow them to use all their skills and at the same time develop skill that need enhancing. It is only when the children are able to answer a problem in a context that they can apply a skill and show a full understanding of a concept.


It is important for children to develop their mathematical reasoning skills. Time spent on this in class and any chance to develop this at home through supporting homework etc. is greatly encouraged.  They also need to continue to practise their multiplication tables and arithmetic facts.


It is helpful if children can read a range of texts and texts that will challenge them. The curriculum wants children to work at great depth and a well read child who discusses their reading with parents will be better equipped to do this.


Year 5 is an important year. I would like each pupil to feel that they can talk about issues with their work or class life in general. It is important that children contribute to the class with a caring and positive attitude. When children approach school with this attitude it will lead to the class being happy and productive place and Year 5 being a successful year of learning, work and all round development.  Each pupil continues to work on developing their learning behaviours to enhance their learning.