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Our Lady's Governing Board comprises of a number of volunteers, some appointed by the Diocese and Local Authority with the rest elected by staff or parents. We are dedicated to upholding the School's Mission Statement, working with all the staff to ensure that Our Lady's provides the best opportunities and outcomes for all its pupils.


Through a combination of committee meetings and visits to classes and curriculum leaders, we monitor and evaluate the school's performance and, in conjunction with the Head Teacher, develop plans to ensure that Our Lady's continues to be a very successful school.  All governors have responsibility for monitoring the school's Vision and Values; Curriculum and Subject Leadership.  More details of governors' responsibilities are given on the meet the governors page below.


We also support the school by attending concerts, plays and events which Our Lady's puts on, celebrating the talents and achievements of the children.


Governors can be contacted via the school office or via the clerk to governors at angela.bevan@theeducation


The Governors at Our Lady's are


Name Term of Office Business Interest declared Attendance 2019 -20
Mrs Margaret McAleese 05.09.19 - 07.09.23 No 100%
Mr Jamie Cadden 22.05.19 - 21.05.23 Uncle of member of staff 100%
Mrs Lucy Bland 11.12.17 - 10.12.21 No 0%
Mrs Caroline Brennan 01.09.19 - 31.08.23 No 100%
Fr. Stephen Boyle 11.03.17 - 10.03.21 No 100%
Mr Aidan Cox 16.07.18 - 15.07.22 No 100%
Mrs Rachel Gibbs-McNeil 04.04.17 - 03.04.21 No 100%
Mr Ron Miller 30.10.18 - 29.10.22 No 100%
Mrs Angie O'Grady 01.09.18 - 31.08.22 No 0%
Mr Paul Tabi 03.02.18 - 02.02.22 No 100%
Mrs Martine Wates 15.06.19 - 14.06.23 No 100%
Mrs Isabel Quinn Head Teacher No 100%
Mrs Julia Foster 26.09.16 - 25.09.20 No 100%
Mrs Angela Bevan Clerk to governors - -