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We are learning about the many forms that prayer may take.


In order to help us to pray together, we have focussed for the last two years on learning key prayers, in particular those said in class and at Mass.  We have particularly targeted this via our pupil led ‘Prayer Bee’ in which children are required to learn a set amount of prayers.


We also have been learning about the 4 types of prayer, remembered as TAPS: Thanksgiving, Adoration, Petition and Sorrow.

Children are regularly encouraged to pray with other members of the school community, and alone.


Each member of Key Stage 2 has their own prayer journal, a personal space for them to record their prayers, and to work on while they pray in private.  In Early Years Foundation Stage and in Key Stage 1, whole class prayer journals are used.


The Year 6 children have created prayer bags, belonging to each class, which will soon be sent home on a weekly basis to one family from each class, to offer ways for our families to pray together at home.