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Key Dates for Parents

Admissions to Primary School - September 2019


Tuesday 15th  January 2019

Paper RCAF / JACF returned to schools or to Primary Admissions team by midday Tuesday 15th January 2019.

Online admissions to be submitted no later than 11.59 pm on 15.1.19.

  Late applications accepted BUT only where is reasonably practicable for LA to do so.
 Tuesday 16th April 2019 National Offer Day - online applicants will receive an email after 4pm.  Paper applicants and online applicants that have been offered a school other than their 1st choice will be sent a 1st class letter posted this day.
Monday 13th May 2019

Date by which parents confirm in writing, whether or not they are accepting a place and / or be placed on a waiting list.


Date by which parents need to lodge their appeals.

tbc Waiting lists will be returned to schools.


For admission in September 2019 the following policy applies. 


Supplementary form

Click on the link below to visit the Kent admissions website:

For in-year admissions the following policy applies