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Our Lady's Catholic Primary School

Jesus the teacher guides our every step


Headteacher - Miss Quinn


Assistant Headteachers - Mrs Minchin and Mr Shepherd


Year 6

Class teachers - Mrs Omidiora

Learning support assistant - Mrs Chester


Year 5

Class teacher - Ms Dogan-Edwards

Learning support assistant - Mrs Joy and Mrs Brennan


Year 4

Class teacher - Mrs Serwan

Learning support assistant - Mrs Joy and Mrs Chester


Year 3

Class teacher - Mrs Henson and Mr Shepherd

Learning support assistant - Mrs Brennan and Mrs Joy


Year 2

Class teacher - Miss Minchin

Learning support assistant - Mrs Taylor & Mr Taylor


Year 1

Class teachers - Mrs Lang and Mrs Innes

Learning support assistants - Miss Orme & Mrs Palfrey


Year R

Class teachers - Mrs Minchin and Mrs Gilham 

Learning support assistants - Miss O'Sullivan & Mrs Hickey


1:1 Learning Support Assistants

Mrs Bodycomb, Mrs Easdown, Miss Darby and Ms Bourne


Support Staff

School secretary - Mrs Willgoss

Business manager - Mrs Earle

Caretaker - Mr Roose

Outdoor Learning Lead - Mrs Murray

IT Technician - Mr Taylor


Midday Meal Supervisors

Mrs Bodycomb, Mrs Chester, Mrs Marshall, Mrs Cheeseman, Ms Bourne, Miss O'Sullivan and Miss Orme