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Class curriculum documents

Welcome Booklet

This booklet will provide you with an understanding of the routines and expectations for your child in Year 4.

These documents are designed to give parents an overview of what topics are being taught each term in their child's classroom. It will give parents an opportunity to discuss what their child has learnt and to help develop their skills further at home.

The school’s learning behaviours have been designed to support all pupils with how they should approach learning across all subjects of the curriculum so that they can develop their knowledge and skills, and then successfully apply them in a variety of contexts. The expectations of these Learning Behaviours will look different in each year group but we have grouped them into nine key areas. They are: effective investigator, problem solver, pro-active social thinker, active communicator, independent learner, self-manager, creative thinker, information processor and reflective evaluator.  These learning behaviours are not taught or used in isolation and when combined they help children to become successful and active learners. 


We recognise that these need to be seen alongside basic expectations for oracy because these are, in many ways, both the key to unlocking access to many of these areas of learning, and central to developing the ability of learners to assimilate, enjoy, voice and reflect on their learning. Our children will face huge challenges in the wider world and by working to develop these Learning Behaviours with them, they will develop skills and attitudes that will help them be successful in the future.

Multiple Intelligences

Our Multiple Intelligence show our children that in life all people can be successful and that we all have a range of strategies and methods that support our individual needs in order to learn. Furthermore, these intelligences help to naturally shape our lives and ultimately draw us towards a certain career path. 


We therefore recognise these and encourage all children throughout the school to use their preferred style of learning.  


In the document below, you will find more detailed information and examples of how we share our Multiple Intelligence focus with our children. 

In this booklet you will find information relating to our sash awards. Throughout the year, we will encourage the children to understand the importance of being able to carry out and master a range of practical and community based skills. We ask that parents continue the practice of these skills at home and help the children to achieve the badge related to each area.