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Pupil Work

As part of their work on Myths and Legends, Year 3 designed their own mythical beast and planned their own myth.  This work is by Mya, Nancy and Zakk.
After Save the Trees week, Year 3 invented machines to support Dartford in keeping the streets and waterways clean.  These inventions are by Alisa, Eliana and Mya.
For homework, the class created Autumn mood boards - using their collage skills if they wanted.  This work is by Abigail, Channelle, Mya, Nancy, Olivia, Orla and Zakk.

On our art day in Term 1 we produced collages based on 'Window' by Jeannie Baker, using layering techniques, blocks of colour, drawing and cutting small shapes.

As October was Black History Month, Year 3 researched the life of someone of Black descent who has made a significant contribution to our society.  This work is by Florence, Joshua F and Mya.
Year 3 explored pitch on their music day and used xylophones to compose their own tunes.
In French, the class produced their own travel brochures.  These examples are by Eliana, Joshua F, Mya, Nancy, Orla and Timon.
Look at Mya's use of adjectives as she describes a character from her book.