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Pupil Work

The class have used concept maps to explore ideas on friction in Science.  They also designed a fair test to explore friction on changing surfaces.
Year 3 sorted objects into magnetic and non-magnetic and also explored attraction and repulsion and found out about north and south poles of magnets.
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In RE we created collages for Mary; this one is by George.
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In Science we have been learning about the human skeleton, finding out about its function and naming the main bones.
Using George's Marvellous Medicine, the class wrote recipes that have imperative verbs.
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We have been adding and subtracting multiples of 10 and using < > and = to compare calculations.  We have also been showing our understanding of calculations by explaining what is incorrect.
As part of our Creativity topic the class looked at how maps can be used for different purposes and then drew their own personal map.
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In French we have been learning about France.  Look at this wonderful work by Mikias, Kaycee, Cairon, Rebecca, Nifemi, Alicja, Janelle, Zita, Dinura,  Courtney and Niniola.
Year 3 have been reading The Secret Garden and basing their writing on the text.  Read what Nathaniel has written.
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In Creativity we learnt about the Egyptians.  As well as finding about their lives we made necklaces, painted funereal art and made canopic jars.