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Curriculum statement

At Our Lady’s Catholic Primary School, Personal, Social, Health Education is taught through discreet lessons with the explicit teaching of certain areas of study.  We also take a cross-curricular approach to the PSHE curriculum with Literacy, Science, Physical Education and Religious studies having a particular role to play.  Real-life experiences allow children to use and develop critical thinking skills.  Children are then given opportunities to develop different viewpoints which are discussed and debated upon in preparation for becoming a member of a global community. 

Our Mission Statement commits us to lead the children at our school, to develop as sensitive, healthy, independent and responsible people. Through PSHE, we help to develop children’s sense of self-worth and teach them how society is organised and governed. We teach them about rights and responsibilities and they learn to appreciate what it means to be a positive member of a diverse multi-cultural society enabling them to make reasoned choices and so contribute to the development of a better community.

The PSHE curriculum, aims to assist in the growth and development of the whole person by nurturing each child’s intellectual, spiritual, moral, emotional, psychological and physical development; by giving children the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to become informed, active and responsible citizens.  Children are given the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to lead informed, confident, healthy and independent lives within a world that they care for and respect.  In addition to this, we help children develop an awareness of safety and the need for positive relationships with other members of the school and wider community.


The importance of children’s health and wellbeing is further promoted during specific health and wellbeing days.  During these days, children are given the opportunity to discuss their emotions in a safe and judgement free environment.  We have worked with children to create ‘Pigs of Happiness’, a ‘Random acts of Kindness’ display and during an ‘All about me’ day children produced art work that told other people about themselves, their hope, fears and aspirations for the future.


PSHE at Our Lady’s is taught in 3 inter-related sections: Relationships, Health and Wellbeing and Living in the Wider World.  Teachers have identified key knowledge and skills for each area and consideration has been given to ensure progression across all areas throughout each year group across the school.  We use a range of learning and teaching styles and we follow the resources for the programme of study.  Where the scheme does not cover topics, teachers plan discreet lessons according to the school's progression of skills documents. We place an emphasis on active learning by including the children in discussions, investigations and problem-solving activities. We encourage the children to take part in a range of practical activities that promote active citizenship. We organise classes in such a way that pupils are able to participate in discussion to resolve conflicts or set agreed classroom rules. Children are also offered the opportunity to hear visiting speakers as well as participating in activities outside the classroom. (Stranger Danger)

Through high-quality teaching, children develop the following essential skills and attributes.

  • The growth of their individual spiritual, moral, emotional, physiological and physical development.
  • A comprehensive understanding of what it means to be active and responsible citizens.
  • The knowledge skills and understanding needed to lead confident and independent lives.
  • The ability to make informed choices about lifestyles and be able to respect and care for the world.
  • An awareness of how to stay safe and develop and maintain positive relationships.