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Health and Wellbeing

At Our Lady's we are trying to raise the profile of the benefits for having a healthy lifestyle and the importance of developing good habits at a young age. Research has shown that when children have a positive attitude towards food, exercise and mental well being and adopt good habits they are more likely to continue with these into adulthood.


In school we are introducing three new initiatives. Two involving exercise and activity and one with food. As you are aware the children belong to one of the four houses; St Andrew, St David, St George or St Patrick’s, they will work together as a team to earn house points. These will be collated throughout the school and the house with the most points by the end of the year will receive a treat.

In order to earn these Healthy house points the children need to participate in the following activities: healthy lunch, P.E. and 60 minutes physical activity a day.


Healthy Lunch

Each child will receive 1 house point for having a balanced healthy lunch (packed lunch or school dinner) and 1 house point for eating it, therefore the children have the opportunity to gain 2 healthy eating house points every day.


Each house in every class has the opportunity to earn a house point each time all of the members in that house has the correct school P.E. kit in school in order for them to participate in the lesson. This applies to the correct swimming kit in Year 4.


60 minutes physical activity log

Every child will take home a Physical Activity Log which should be completed and signed by a parent\ guardian for verification. Every 2 weeks this should be brought into school to be checked. For each week where 60 minutes of activity on at least 3 days is achieved, 1 house point will be earnt for their house. Activities can include play times / lunchtimes at school, walking to and from school, physical activities at home such as; bike riding, trampolining, dancing etc.


Not sure what is considered a physical activity or what activities are best for your child then click the linkbelow for a guide.

Smarter-play app 

Smarter-play is a new app from KCC designed to give families ideas and information to enhance children's learning and experiences.