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About our class missions

Class Mission, Vision and Values

Each class has a value which they study for the year, and these are taken from the Beatitudes.  They are as follows.

Reception class – Compassion

Year 1 – Forgiveness

Year 2 – Truthfulness

Year 3 – Being humble

Year 4 – Peacemakers

Year 5 – Faithfulness

Year 6 – Service to all


Each class has created artwork relating to their value, based on the work of artist Hope G Smith.  They then studied saints and key people who embody their class value.


Reception class studied St Francis of Assisi and Dalai Lama and created stained glass windows.

Year 1 studied St Maximilian Kolbe and Nelson Mandela and created a collage of them.

Year 2 studied St Bernadette and Malala Yousafzai and created a prayer based on the values.

Year 3 studied St John Vianney and Pope Francis and made a plan of what they would do if they were Pope for the day.

Year 4 studied St Elizabeth of Portugal and Gandhi and created a guide to living based on the school values.

Year 5 studied St Therese of Lisieux and Oscar Romero and examined what it means to be a saint in today’s world.

Year 6 studied St Anthony of Padua and Mother Theresa, learning about how they served others.  Then they created a plan of how they will help others throughout the year.


Last academic year, we reviewed our Mission Statement as a school and decided that we wanted to change it.  Each class reviewed and changed the school mission statement and then, as a school, we decided that year 1’s approach to an Our Lady’s acrostic mission statement was the way to go.  School Council worked with the governing board and created an agreed school mission statement that was then shared with classes, staff and parents.  As a result of this every class now, at the beginning of September, creates their own class mission statement based on the school one.  We even now have signs for each point on our mission statement.