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Year 1

In Year 1 we begin learning from the National Curriculum which gets progressively more structured.


During the year we get to learn about famous explorers, the Great Fire of London and Explorers. We read every day as soon as we come into class and we play word games using the sounds we are learning. We do Sounds Write for half an hour each day to practice reading and writing our new skills, applying what we've learnt to games like sound swap, racing sounds and sound spotter. All year we are building our confidence to read & write well.


In Maths we build our knowledge of numbers & shapes that we learnt in Reception, learning how to apply our skills to solve real-life problems. We use lots of apparatus and are learning to record our work in different ways.


In Year 1 children get introduced to the idea of talking about and reflecting upon what they have learnt and how this will help them in the future, a skill they will need further up the school.


Children are rewarded with stamps, stickers & certificates. At the end of every week a pupil is chosen who has demonstrated/showed good effort in all areas of school life, they are our star of the week. They receive privileges and are monitors for important jobs.