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Year 4 Mission Statement

The class agreed their Mission Statement for the year in September.


Class Mission Statement



  • Be guided by Mary and follow her example with love, joy, sympathy and perseverance.
  • Be guided by Jesus’ teachings so that we are generous, kind and willing to help when people get stuck.
  • Treat others as equals and be a role model for those who find this problematic.
  • Be respectful of children and adults and never brag.  One day you might find it hard as well.
  • Even when someone is being mean show them that you care, as they may need your help.
  • Offer time to those who need it and space to those who are not ready to talk.
  • Be honest and helpful to everyone you learn with, listen to and love.
  • Ensure everyone is safe by following the rules.
  • Be guided by the values of the school in all that you do.