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Year 2

In Year 2 we are becoming more mature and independent learners, developing strategies to be more self-sufficient and resourceful. We are preparing for the transition to Key Stage 2 and working towards our end of year expectations. 


We build on our knowledge of phonics for reading and writing and reading comprehension.  In Mathematics we learn number and place value facts, applying these in a variety of situations and using our new skills and knowledge to problem solve.


We learn how to add more detail to our writing in order to create more complex pieces when writing recounts, diaries, stories and information texts.

We work hard in Year 2 to develop our own learning by recognising our strengths and areas we can improve on.  We begin to work more with our peers, editing work together to make improvements.


We continue to explore the world around us through topics in Science and Geography, such as habitats, materials, island life and our local area.


Our topics include Word War II, Kampala, Famous Nurses and Island Life.  We get together to explore the local area on a field trip; study African art; design a theme park; make war medals and build and design with Lego.  We are also lucky to have the opportunity to take part in the local Key Stage 1 singing festival; learn to play the ocarina and create our own fruit salad.


As we are now the oldest children in KS1 we lead the Nativity play and the Harvest Mass.