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Pupil Work

As part of the work on Forces the class found out about the effects of high and low friction.  They also designed fair tests to investigate the friction caused by different surfaces and designed helicopters and investigated how quickly they fell.  These examples are by Tiana, Johann and Denisha.
By using pictures to inspire the writing, the class wrote about a story.  
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The class used secondary sources to research planets as part of the Earth and Space topic.  They also had to explain Earth to an alien visitor.  This work is by Carmenha and Jemishana.

The class have been working on written methods for subtraction.  On this piece of work, Carmenha shows her ability to reason about difficulties through her response to marking.
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The children studied 'Age of Revolutions' as part of a Historical Association project and wrote a manifesto of women's rights.  The manifesto is by Tiana.
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As part of 'Ageof Revolutions' the children identified how clothes are used to project power.  Here are Jayden and Johann's thoughts.
To show their understanding of negative numbers the class wrote a story about temperature changes.  Read what Carmenha wrote.
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The class wrote a viewpoint about the Snow Queen, producing their own version of part of the story.  Here is Joanne's work showing how she edited and improved her first draft to produce the final version.

Postulating a theory about the past.

What were stone age buildings used for? Well this is what Harry & Carmenha thought.

Creating a narrative about the past

Children were given the task to write a story about retrieving a hand axe from the lake district. Here is Othniel's story.

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