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Pupil Work

In Science we have been learning about electricity.  The class found out about how electricity is generated.  This work is by Amelia, Blessing, Braedan, Carmenha, Daniella, Darcie, Denisha, Harry, Jemishana, Johann, Maisie, Millie, Temisola and Zoe.
As part of their topic on the Mayans, Year 6 looked at the impact of the Mayans on modern society.  This work is by Harry, Jayden and Zoe.
The theme of our Art topic was 'Collage'. We focused on how we could blend a variety of media into our collages. This included how to create a range of textures in paper, as well as creating different effects by incorporating sewing skills. We then used the techniques we had practised to create a collage of a Tudor monarch.
In this RE topic we  have been focusing on the importance of unconditional love, particularly God's love for us all.  We have been studying Psalm 23, 'The Lord is my Shepherd'.  From this psalm, we have learnt that God is our shepherd and we are his flock.  We also studied the Prodigal Son and created our own pictures based on the idea of forgiveness.  These paintings are by Millie, Ore, Halle and Zoe and the psalms are written by Braedan, Daniella, Ottie and Temisire.
We devised our own dances based on the Beatitudes and how they are a guide for our lives.
Also as part of our RE, we wrote letters to world leaders based on St. Paul's letter to Titus asking them to step up and show love to all.  These letters are by Denisha, Johann and Joanne.
At the start of our RE topic the class recorded their ideas for the display.

At the end of our RE topic, we evaluated our learning; these examples are by Tiana and Michelle.  We also had a celebration at the end of the topic.

In music, the class learnt a song about Ancient Gods.  They then had to select a god to research and write their own song which included information about the god.
As part of our Science topic - Living Things - we have been finding out about scientists who classified organisms.  This work is by Braedan, Darcie, Denisha, Halle, Harry, Jemishana, Joanne, Johann, Maisie, Ore, Tiana and Zoe.
Year 6 have been learning about famous Tudors and Tudor exploration.  This work is by Amelia, Braedan, Carmenha, Cristos, Harry, James, Jemishana and Tiana.