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Pupil Work

Year 2 art day

First we explored a range of adhesives and which one would be best for different jobs. Next we used the book  "The Tiger who came to tea" as inspiration for creating art work that combined materials to create the stripy skin effect. We had to practise tearing tissue paper instead of relying on using scissors. Later we looked at the artist Picasso and used this to inspire our own self portraits. We cut our photos into pieces and had to create a montage using parts from my original and my friends photos.

Year 2 Music day

We used the story book "Where the wild things are" as inspiration for creating our own wild animal music. We listened to music from Africa and had to recognise the instruments being played, how many instruments were playing together (texture) and the images it created in our minds. After that we worked as a group to perform animal sounds with our voices considering different pitches and volumes. Finally we introduced instruments to our compositions. We had to think carefully about which instrument to use to match the animals sounds chosen. We worked together to record music so that everyone in our group contributed to our performance.