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Pupil Work

Our Creativity topic this term has been World War 1 and Remembrance Day.  We wrote newspaper articles and designed a uniform for in the trenches.  Here is Skye's work.
In RE we have looked at psalms; we painted a picture of a psalm and wrote a prayer to God for being in our lives.  This work is by Caleb and Maya.
In Science we have been looking at keeping ourselves healthy.  Our class experiment was designed to show how important exercise is and which types of exercise we like the best.  Here are Joshua's results.
Picture 1
In Maths the class have learnt to read and write numbers correctly to 100.  They have also learnt to understand the place value of 2 digit numbers using dienes rods to build numbers.  This work is by Brooke and Olivia.
In Science we are learning to understand the life cycles of a variety of living creatures.  Here is Rebecca's life cycle of a frog.
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In RE we painted pictures to thank God for the wonderful world he created for us.  These pictures are by Rebecca,Florence and Nancy.
After learning more about adjectives, Skye wrote this wonderful story showing how to use them effectively.
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We have been looking at using interesting and adventurous adjectives and applying them to our writing.  Read Kaylee and Timon's ideas for describing a lion.
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Picture 2
In Creativity we learnt about the advantages of  living in Dartford and thought about how Dartford could be developed in the future.  Here is Shevonne's letter to the council.
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