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Pupil Work

Year 1 have been exploring different materials as part of their Science topic.  Oma has drawn objects made from certain materials and Nathan has identified classroom objects made from different materials.  Asaya has thought about how some materials may be more appropriate for particular uses.
We regularly write about lots of different things including what we have done outside of school. These examples are by Nathan, Isabella and Cristina.  Isabella has used adjectives to describe her toy; Cristina has used 'and' and 'but' to join her sentences and Nathan has used different sentence openers.
In Maths we have been learning number facts and are beginning to understand the value of different coins.  This work is by Mya and Alden.
In Science we have been learning about Autumn and we found out about hedgehogs and we also used Autumn leaves to create hedgehog pictures.  Here is Benediktas' hedgehog information sheet and Jebishan's hedgehog picture.
In Maths we have been practising counting on from different numbers.  The children are learning to apply this skill when adding numbers, here is Hattie's work.
Picture 1
After reading Billy's Bucket, the children thought of different sea creatures and words to describe them.  They then had a go at writing sentences which included an adjective.  Here is Asaya's writing.
Picture 1
In Literacy the class have been learning about labels, lists and captions. The children enjoyed writing their own captions for these pictures.  Here are Benediktas' ideas.
Picture 1