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Pupil Work

Mathematical reasoning

Sienna, Kekeli and Chloe, use their understanding of mathematical processes to explain how to solve problems.

As part of the Science topic on Evolution and Inheritance, Year 6 found out about some famous scientists.  This work is by Althea, Chloe and Paula.

In preparation for the opening of the school library, Year 6 produced work on their favourite books.  These examples were produced by Alannah, Althea, Kekeli, Suzanne, Temi and Thomas.

The current RE topic is Belonging; look at some of work.

Year 6 came up with their designs for the Art Leaders to use to paint their bookcase.  Look at these 2 by Amara and Jake.

Tudor explorers

Year 6 looked at Tudor portraits and then painted a self-portrait in the same style.

The class replied to Queen Elizabeth I's letter to Sir Francis Drake.  Read some of their letters here.

Place value

Following their work on place value the pupils looked at very large numbers.  Look at what Sienna, Jake, Rocco and Seanne found out for homework.

After finding out about the River Thames, Year 6 wrote about and made a model of landmarks along the river.
The class read William Blake's 'Tiger, Tiger' and wrote their own poems about tigers as well as producing symmetrical tiger pictures.

In Year 6 we have focused on our core value of ‘respect’ and our core skill of ‘self-discipline’. We discussed the need to work as a team, using this value and skill. We thought about how we are going to be effective members of Year 6 using respect and self-discipline; each piece of the puzzle is important in achieving our common goal.