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Pupil Work

Maths reasoning

Aleina, Dilan, Ben and Kosie have used their mathematical knowledge and understanding to solve different word problems.

Read Methindee's amazing homework on Italy.
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The class used their knowledge of maps and climate change to draw maps of countries now and in 50 - 100 years time.

In their groups,Zack, Philip, Dilan drew maps of Brazil; Dabbie, Keisha, Joshuel, Sara, Methindee and Sarah drew maps of the North and South Poles; Violet, Aleina and Millie drew maps of Brazil and Kosie, Nana and Sophie drew maps of Africa.

In history, Year 5 looked at the images for an archer's burial and then wrote their own idea for who he was.  Here is Dilan's writing.

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Read Sophie's work when she is practising writing from a character's viewpoint.

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Look at Dabbie's evaluation for the Stone, Bronze and Iron Age topic.

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Year 5 used atlases and maps to locate famous rivers, deserts, mountains and volcanoes around the world.  Following this they produced their own maps.  Here are Violet and Alice's maps.

Read Violets' writing of a more complex story.

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Problem solving and mastery in maths

After studying Stone Age cave art the pupils produced their own art work.
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The class wrote their own descriptions from pictures.
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The class used a visual stimulus to produce writing about the snow queen.
In Year 5 the class have been learning about and using compound sentences and using them to make their work more engaging.