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Extracts from OFSTED Report February 2012

'Pupils build well on the good start they make in Reception, and their progress is consistently good throughout the school. Teachers monitor pupils' achievement closely and take effective early action if a pupil begins to fall behind. Consequently, the school's improvement trend is better than nationally, and pupils' attainment is significantly above average. Pupils' particularly strong achievement in reading effective supports their work in all subjects and contributes well to their enjoyment of learning.'

'The proportion of good and better teaching is rising. Teachers plan tasks which are practical and motivating for pupils.' 

'Pupils' good attitudes to learning help them thrive academically, and their attendance is above average. Pupils understand what they have to do to improve their work, but do not routinely test out this understanding by responding to teachers' advice. They respond well to the school's high expectations of behaviour, seen in their respect for one another. Because of the school's caring, family atmosphere, pupils feel safe and bullying is rare.' 

'The headteacher and senior leaders have managed staff changes well to ensure continuity in learning, by ensuring that the school's expectations are clear to all and effective support is provided to improve teaching. The school has successfully tackled the issues raised in the last inspection.' 

'Parents and carers are overwhelmingly positive about the school, reflected in comments such as, 'Staff are welcoming and always helpful. My children are perfectly happy to be at school each day.''

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