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On-Line Safety

On-line Safety training


All classes will receive an assembly led by the Digital leaders about online safety which will provide them information and tips to keep them safe when using the internet at school and at home.

There are several links that parents and carers may find useful to help keep their children safe online. The ThinkUKnow site is a particularly good site to visit for this.

If you have any concerns or questions about Online safety please speak to Mr Shepherd or Miss Quinn.

Digital Leaders

The school has appointed new Digital Leaders for the coming year from Year 5 and Year 6, they are Althea, Temi. Seanne, Keisha, Ben and Philip.

Find out more about them by clicking on their links.

On-line safety leaflet produced by the Digital Leaders, February 2018

On-line safety assembly given by the Digital Leaders, February 2018

DfE guidance on Cyber Bullying, November 2014