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Use your plan you created Friday to write your Hot write. Ensure you put Hot write as your title.


When you are writing remember:

What is fantasy? How can you apply genre features?
How will you include some of the grammar and punctuation we have studied this week in our model sentences?
What is the purpose of fantasy stories?
Who is your audience?
Where is your story set?
What happens in the very beginning of the story?


When you have written your Hot write ensure you proof read and edit your work in a different coloured pen.


Things to check are:

Does your story opening fit in to the fantasy genre?
Have you applied some of the Year 5 punctuation and grammar you learnt using the model sentences to your own writing?
Is there any spelling mistakes? Punctuation errors? Have you used paragraphs?
Is there any words you could change to use more ambitious vocabulary?
Does your story opening make sense?