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We are continuing with our focus on recounts.  For this week your writing activity is to recount what the Happy Prince has seen as his diary.  I have provided you with an example diary entry to help you.


You will need to use your imagination to pretend that you are the Happy Prince.  Part 1 (last week) and 2 of The Happy Prince both have information about what he has seen so you can use them for ideas.  You will need to include what the prince has seen, how he feels about what he has seen, what he thinks about what he has seen.  You could even use your predicting skills to write what the Happy Prince intends to do about what he has seen.  Our GPS focus this week continues to be the present perfect tense so please try to write in the present perfect tense.


Past tense – “I saw a poor seamstress whose son is unwell.”

Present Perfect tense – “I have seen a poor seamstress whose son is unwell.”

  • For an additional challenge, use paragraphs to separate the Happy Prince’s diary by themes.  For example, you could use one paragraph to detail what he has seen and how he felt and another to state what he intends to do about it.