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This week we are going to start another Talk for writing booklet (like 'The Game'). This time the theme is Wizards. 


Monday (pg 1-7):

·        Today you are going to create your own set of wizard Top trump cards.

·        Read the advert for the school of wizardry.

·        Complete the synonym and finish the sentence activity.

Tuesday (pg 8- 12):

·        Make your own wizard words and write your own spells.

·        Wizard comprehension

·        Fill in the gaps with terrify adjectives.

Wednesday (pg 13-15):

·        Have a go at writing persuasive phrases.

·        Play the alliteration game.

Thursday (pg 16-17):

·        Design your own wizard school

·        Complete your advert plan

Friday (pg 18):

·        Write your own advert to advertise your school.

·        Remember to proofread after you have written your advert. 

Try entering this story writing competition: