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Writing & GPS

Monday:  Today you will be creating a character profile that links with the name that you have chosen to give your story characters.  Once you have completed this you will start to describe the settings that you will describe in your story.  Using the Mission Possible booklet complete page 20:Your Characters and page 21:Settings.


Tuesday: GPS : Adjectives:  Watch the video clip

and complete this game on Classroom Secrets: Adjectives, Nouns and Noun Phrases

Then draw a picture of the Emperor’s mirror and annotate with adjectives that could be used to describe it, page 22 in Mission Possible. 


Wednesday:  Verbs:  Watch this and complete the quiz

Complete the verb identification work and find the alternative verbs for run, said and look.  Some examples may be sprinted, bellowed and glanced. (Page 23 in Mission Possible)


Thursday:  Speech Marks: pages 24 and 25 in Mission Possible.  Watch   and

Revise your use of Speech marks and then write sentences that use speech marks or inverted commas.


Friday:  Design a skateboard P 27

Today you will be drawing a skateboard that could be used in your adventure story.  Make this as interesting as possible, annotate around it, describing its different features and explain what it can do. Remember, this will be a useful addition to your story, so add a much interesting detail as possible.  As an extension to this, you could create a poster that will persuade other people to buy the skateboard you have created.  Remember to add the persuasive techniques that we learnt about when we completed our Charlottes Web work.