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We are continuing with our focus on recounts.  For this week your writing activity is to create a newspaper article.  I have provided you with a few example newspaper reports to help you.


Your newspaper report will be based on the events of The Happy Prince, so you will need to finish reading the story before you do the written task.  Imagine that you are a journalist reporting on the removal of the statue.  To make your report more interesting you may want to include in your report events noted by local members of the public.  You can use the text to help you with this e.g.  There may have been talk among the locals of the statue looking a little worse for wear, people may have stories of precious jewels appearing from nowhere while they disappeared from the statue, others may have noticed a swallow flying around when it should have flown south weeks ago.  Use the text and your imagination to help you to know what to include in your report.