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Who's Who

Meet the staff at our school.

Headteacher - Miss Quinn

Deputy Headteacher - Mrs Foster


Year 6

Class teacher - Mr Shepherd

Learning support assistant - Mrs Taylor

Year 5

Class teacher - Mr Wilkes

Learning support assistant - Mr Taylor

Year 4

Class teacher - Mrs Woodham

Learning support assitants - Miss Darby & Mrs Jones

Year 3

Class teacher - Mrs Dogan-Edwards

Learning support assistants - Mrs Shears & Mrs Watkinson

Year 2

Class teachers - Mrs Innes and Mrs Lang

Learning support assistant - Mrs Brennan

Year 1

Class teacher - Mrs Gazeleh and Miss Smith

Learning support assistants - Mrs Bodycomb & Mrs Worley

Year R

Class teacher - Mrs Minchin

Learning support assistants - Mrs Newbigging & Mrs Palfrey


1:1 learning support assistants 

Mrs Hickey, Mrs Robinson, Mrs Stacey and Mrs Williams