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Useful vocabulary

Habitat, micro habitat

Pond, meadow, log pile, woodland, river, lake, beach, cliff

Organism – plant, animal

Trees - deciduous, evergreen, ash, birch, beech, rowan, common lime, oak, sweet chestnut, horse chestnut, apple, willow, sycamore, fir, pine , holly, etc

Wild flowering plants - cleavers, coltsfoot, daisy, dandelion, garlic mustard, mallow, mugwort, plantain, red clover, self heal, shepherd’s purse, sorrel, spear thistle, white campion, white deadnettle and yarrow.

Garden plants – crocus, daffodil, bluebells, etc

Parts of plants – roots, branch, trunk, stalk, leaf, flower, petal, seeds, bulbs and twigs

Invertebrates – snail, slug, woodlouse, spider, beetle, fly, etc

Pond animals – pond skater, water slater, ramshorn snail, pond snail, leech, common frog, smooth newt, etc