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Thursday & Friday

Dictation: - Explain to your child that you are going to read them a short story. They will write half of the story today and half tomorrow.

Read the first 3 sentences again. Discuss what they mean. If your child understands what they are writing they will have a better chance of remembering the sentence.

Introduce the tricky words ‘can’t’ and ‘into’, write them down for your child to look at because they are not phonetic.

Remind your child that we need a capital letter for names as well as the beginning of the sentence. Also remind them that we do not begin a new line for every new sentence.

Then repeat sentence 1 a few times, counting how many words there are.

Then ask your child to write the sentence. They should write it from memory independently.

Repeat this for sentence 2 and 3.


Dan and Fran put up a tent to camp on the sand. They had a picnic next to the tent. Fran drank pop and Dan had crisps. A crab stops next to the twins. Fran claps his hands. The crab ran. The twins crept into the tent and slept.



Dictation: - Complete the dictation repeating the steps from yesterday.

Your child should read their writing to check they have all the words and that it makes sense.

Ask your child to create the next part of the story. What happened next? Again encourage your child to make their sentences interesting.