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/ow/ Find all the words with this sound and underline them.


Brown cow went on an outing to town. She wanted to find a clown with a frown. No clowns with scowls were around, but she did find two rowdy clowns with big grins! They had sunflowers in their hats and red painted mouths! Brown cow had not seen something so silly before!


The clowns bounced on a couch and made a loud sound, then pounced on a mouse that was running around. They fell to the ground and pretended to row, then ran round the town in their brown trousers jousting and howling!


A crowd gathered to see this spectacle, until a cloud came over and a shower of rain put a stop to the show. Brown cow made her way home, with her mind full of the funny things she had seen. Next time she goes walking she may head out to the mountain. It is much too loud in town!