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Reading and Spelling: - You write a word without your child seeing, then ask them “to whisper the sounds quietly to themselves and listen out for the word they make.” They then tell you the word they’ve heard. You both point to the sounds’ saying the sounds and reading the word’.

Now hide your word and ask your child to write it, stretching the word so they can hear all of the sounds. If they make a mistake, you say the sounds and read the word they’ve made and ask them if it matches your word. Then ask them to have another go. If they cannot write the word, show them your word and repeat saying the sounds and reading the word together.

Repeat this activity with 4/5 different words.


Dictation: - Read both sentences at once. The wind left dust on the mat. The ant will come in and sink the soft dust.

Discuss what they mean. If your child understands what they are writing they will have a better chance of remembering the sentence.

Introduce the tricky word ‘come’ and write it down for your child to look at because it is not phonetic.

Then repeat sentence 1 a few times, counting how many words there are.

Then ask your child to write the sentence. They should write it from memory independently.

Repeat this for sentence 2.