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This week in Sounds-Write we are continuing with our new sounds ck, ng and introduce new ‘tricky’ words. These are: there, their, they’re, these. These new words are difficult for children to understand and use correctly. They must be revisited many times using lots of examples to ensure they are understood.


Recap the ‘tricky’ words learnt so far. These ‘tricky’ words are so called because they are not phonetic and therefore cannot be sounded out. They must be learnt by sight.  They are: - is, a (unit 2), the, I (unit 3), for, of (unit 4), are, put (unit 5), was (unit 6), all (unit 7), come (unit 8), to (unit 9)


You must reinforce that these new sounds will never be found at the beginning, only in the middle or end of a word, for example; wing, cracking and snack. Whereas the previous double sounds your child has learnt, sh, ch, th, can be used anywhere in a word. This is something which children need reminding of several times to embed it.