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This week in Sounds-Write we are introducing new sounds. They are;  ck, ng


Please cut 2 small squares of paper and write 1 new sound on each and add them to your child’s sound pot.

Make sure your child is saying these sounds correctly and clearly. Remember to hear the ‘pure’ sound think of a word with these sounds at the beginning, leave off the end of the word and the sound you make is the ‘pure’ sound.


It is essential that you teach your child that these are 1 sound; 2 letters but 1 sound. Therefore, you teach them that ‘long’ has 3 sounds; l  o  ng.

You must also explain that these new sounds will never be found at the beginning, only in the middle or end of a word, for example; wing, cracking and snack. Whereas the previous double sounds your child has learnt, sh, ch, th, can be used anywhere in a word.