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SCIENCE - Living Things and Habitats

Session 1- mainly discussion

Watch the short clip (1 min long!) using the link below. Identify the habitats and name some of the living things.


Session 2- follow the power point presentation on ‘Local Habitats’.

If you can go outside, try to identify some of those habitats in your local area and animals/plants that live there. Take photos and create a collage. If not, look at your garden for different habitats! 

I booked a live lesson for us all- please see details below!

What I need you to do is to think of some questions so I can send them off- if you are lucky, someone will answer your questions during the live session. Yes, it does say KS2 but it should be fun to watch and you can learn some clever stuff about habitats- by then we will have covered 2 weeks of science lessons and you will have a better understanding of the topic! 

If you have a question ask your parents to email it to Mrs Foster and she will send it on to me.

Picture 1