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I hope that you have enjoyed learning more about electricity over the last couple of weeks. If you have not completed these lessons you need to go to:


This week I would like you to all become scientists.
With an adult, I would like you to conduct one of the following experiments. These are lots to choose from so you can choose the one that is easiest for you given the restrictions we currently face.  The experiments can be found at:

Take photos, write up your findings and send in your work so that I can see all of your fantastic discoveries.
If you haven’t finished answering your previous electricity questions, make sure that you complete these this week as well.

Next week, I have booked a live lesson for us all- please see details below!

What I need you to do is to think of some questions so I can send them off- if you are lucky, someone will answer your questions during the live session. If you have a question ask your parents to email it to Mrs Foster so I can submit it.
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