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Comparing vertebrates and invertebrates

This week, we are continuing our work on our new topic. We will look at more detail on how vertebrates and invertebrates are classified.

You have 2 question and answer activities this week.  This looks like a lot of work but is more than manageable as you do not have to write at length.


In Activity 1, look at the table, which shows how different vertebrates can be classified and then answer the questions based on your findings.  On page 3, the answers have been started for you, so this should not take you too long to complete.  You do not need to use the last table, which is included in the document.



In Activity 2, I would like you to complete the classifying invertebrates’ worksheet.  Again, here you have to classify animals according to their characteristics.  Use the pictures and fact sheet to help and enter the answers into the table provided.  Again, this should not take too long.


I hope that these activities help you to see the difference between these different types of living things and will in the future help you to classify living creatures according to these characteristics.

As an extension, you can play this game to check your understanding: