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This week, we’ll look at what plants need to grow. The powerpoint includes some information about this and introduces ‘Comparative Tests’. This means we, as growing scientists, will carry out experiments which will compare two or more variables.  For example, What would happen if we give our plant light but no water? What would happen if we give water but no light or no warmth?


In the powerpoint, you will need to think about and discuss the questions asked. At the end of the powerpoint, it explains what kind of comparative test we will carry out. Instructions are simple and easy to follow.


One thing you must do is check your plant everyday so that you can capture the change in seeds that we are going to compare. Please take photos and write your conclusion explaining how the variable (in this case the variable is the temperature because we are changing it) effected the plant growth.


Consider these questions when you are writing your conclusion. Did the seeds sprout? What colour are they? Are they both the same height? Which one has leaves and how many? Did one die after a while? Why do you think this is?


Anyone who wants to carry out a more extensive comparative test can put the ideas on slide 5 to test and compare 4 conclusions.