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This week, we will be moving onto thinking about food chains.  What is a food chain?  Why are they important?  What would happen if one element of a food chain was missing?


To start with I would like you to look at the videos on BBC bitesize

and then watch the PowerPoint on food chains.


Once you have completed this you will then look at key words related to food chains.  I want you to find out what the different words mean and then create a poster showing the different elements you have learnt about.


For example, you could draw a picture of a habitat showing different animals and how they are related.  If you drew a scene like this which animal would you label as the Herbivore?  Which would be the Predator?  Which would be a primary consumer? 


I hope that you enjoy this work.  Take your time, think carefully about the image as much as the labelling of the different parts of the food chain.