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LO: describe the changes as humans develop to old age


We have learned about different animal groups life cycles in previous weeks. Today we are going to learn about the human life cycle.

Watch this video to learn about how humans change over time :

This website has more information you can read to help you with your task :

Your task is to create your own timeline showing how humans develop over time using the six main stages to help you structure your timeline. You maybe able to think of other stages for example primary school age, secondary school age etc. When creating your timeline annotate it with some of the characteristics for that phase of human development for example, in old age you might develop wrinkles and as an infant you may learn to walk. 

Think about how does the human life cycle compare to other animals’ life cycles you know?


Experiment of the week

Soap and handwashing have become increasingly important during this time. This experiment looks at why soap works.  How could you record your results? How could you make this experiment findings more reliable?