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This week we’ll be research scientists. The question is ‘Which animals are camouflaged to blend in their habitats?’


You need to choose 2 different habitats and research an animal in each habitat that camouflages itself. Find out in which ways they are camouflaged and why. Create a poster of your chosen camouflage animal including facts. Can you spot any camouflage animal in your garden or in the park?


PLANT GROWING PROJECT- It’s a perfect time to grow plants! Over the next few weeks, you need to observe and measure how tall your plant is growing. Peas or sunflower seeds are great to grow in May. You choose! Measure your plant every week in cm. You can use the sheet attached for your weekly recordings or simply draw your own chart clearly on a piece of paper. Remember to take a photo of your plant every week!

Use the links below to watch how to sow the seeds.