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Our topic this term is Rocks and soils.


Learning objective: Tp be able to sort rocks depending on their properties.

Have a look at the knowledge organiser – this will give you an idea of the things you need to know over the next few weeks.

Activity 1.

Look at the sheet on natural and human made rocks. Sort them into the two groups and discuss how you know whether they are naturally occurring or been shaped by humans.

Activity 2.

Think of the different properties of rocks. How can you sort them?

If you are able to, go outside and collect some different rocks. (Health and safety!! – wear gloves and wash the rocks before you handle them)

How many different ways can you sort them depending on their properties?

For example: smooth and rough

Take photos of each labelled group as a record of your learning.

Activity 3.

Watch the following clip on limestone.

Research different science jobs that are based around working with rocks and soils.

Choose one and imagine you grow up to work in that field. Write a short job description of your role.