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We are continuing to develop our reading skill for this term which is predicting what could happen next in a text.

Read and answer the questions on the ‘Raider’s Peril’ text that I have provided.  Like last week, the answers are included with it for your parents in case they want to check, so hand them the answer sheet without peeking!


How are you finding The Happy Prince?  What have you predicted the rest of the story will be about?  I enjoyed reading about the Swallow being in love with the Reed, and how she didn’t like travelling.  It made me laugh!  Why do you think the Reed didn’t like travelling?

This week I will provide you with another extract from The Happy Prince.  It’s the next part of the story, so you will be able to find out if you predicted what the story would be about correctly.  Read the text either alone or with a parent and remember to ask about any words that you don’t understand or if a part of the story doesn’t make sense to you.


I will create a blog post for part 2 of The Happy Prince.  When you have read it you can comment on the post what you think about the story so far and make some more predictions.