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Our reading skill that we are developing this term is predicting what could happen next in a text.  I have attached a ‘Predicting Pip’ PowerPoint for you to have a look through. 


When you have read the PowerPoint, read and answer the questions on the ‘The Jones and Co. Circus’ text that I have attached.  The answers are included with it for your parents in case they want to check, so hand them the answer sheet without peeking!


We will be reading The Happy Prince by Oscar Wilde, but because we are working on our predicting skills I would prefer it if you did not read it all at once!  This week I will provide you with the first part and will provide you with more each week.  When you have read the extract that I have sent you I would like you to have a think about what the rest of the story will be about.  Tell your parents about what you have read so far and what you think will be happening next.  If you are able to print the extract, underline any words that you don’t understand so that you can ask your parents to help you to understand them later.