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This week we are to put the work we have been doing on storytelling, from the Talk for Writing units and CIA into creating our own story using ‘book speak’ vocabulary.

Please see the attached story dice sheet. You can either print these out or make your own. Your child rolls all 3 dice and then have to include these elements into their story. This should be developed over several days. Initially brainstorm together the journey the characters may go on and what, where and how they will encounter things on their way.

Your child can draw out the main parts on a story map/journey as they have been doing in the Mavis and Max adventures.

Introduce the book vocabulary into their story map, the openers; (beginning) one day, early one morning, one very dark and cold night etc. The middle; first, then, next, after that, unfortunately, luckily etc. Then the ending, conclusion; finally, in the end, and they lived happily ever after.

You can then write your child’s story out in their words. Read it together, pointing to the words as you read. Are there any sentences, parts your child can make more interesting? Add detail? Adjectives? Add these into the text.

Your child should then practise reading their story over and over. They can make prompts, puppets to help them retell it. The more they practice, the more familiar they will become with the vocabulary, speaking in complex sentences and telling a story in a sequential order.

Rolling the dice again will help your child understand stories can be changed, adapted. It will help them think more creatively in a safe structured way.


You can make your own story dice, with several sides, your own pictures. The more dice you roll the more complex the story created.

Roll one dice, but you must create your story by using all the pictures on every side in the order that you roll them.