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We are continuing to develop our reading skill for this term which is predicting what could happen next in a text.


Read and answer the questions on the ‘Out on the Ocean’ text that I have provided.  Like last week, the answers are included with it for your parents in case they want to check, so hand them the answer sheet without peeking!


Read the poem ‘Walking with My Iguana’.  Talk with somebody at home about what you enjoy about the poem, any words or phrases that you particularly like, and parts of the poem that you’d like to use in your own poetry.  See how much of the poem you can learn by heart and have a try at performing it to your family.  When doing this try to make the poem as entertaining as you can – think about ways that you can change your voice or move your body to do this. This YouTube link takes you to a video of the poet, Brian Moses, performing his poem to give you some ideas.