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Dear Parents

I have created a range of mindfulness activities for your children to complete. Mindfulness means finding some time to slow down and really notice what you are doing. When completing these activities, it will help your children to understand their feelings, learn how to feel calmer, make them think about what they can do for themselves and others as well as creating positivity.


Here are some links to a mindfulness activities that everyone can do together.



Please feel free do look at these activities and if you want you can have a go at them. The resources have been split into five different areas. The first four folders focus on finding them for yourself and offer different breathing activities. The last folder has a range of different activities children can complete. They are:

  • Start your day – This is where children can do activities that will help them stay grounded and focused.
  • Find Calm – This is learning about different feelings and how to deal with them.
  • Focus – This will help strengthen your mind and build concentration.
  • Open your Heart – This will help children find a sense of self-acceptance and connection to the world.
  • Rest and Relax – This will help children reflect, relax and ease their busy minds.
  • Mindfulness Activities – This folder has a range of activities from colouring, making and offering happiness to all.


You can print off these activities or if you cannot you can just do them on a piece of paper.


Many thanks


Miss Quinn