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This will be our last week of maths learning for this year. I hope you have enjoyed some of the activities while you have been at home. I know it has been a challenging few months so a BIG WELL DONE to you all (and your mums and dads and anyone else who has helped) for getting to the end.


I have included the last lesson on Capacity and then the end of topic assessment if you would like to give that a go.


For the last three days I have made up a PowerPoint with a variety of different fun maths puzzles and activities for you to try. They are in no particular order so feel free to dip in and out of them as you like. Some are quite challenging (I had to cheat on a couple and google the answers…) but just have fun with them – and involve the whole family!


Next week we will be looking at our transition booklets and doing some activities to support your move to Year 4.