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This week, we’ll revisit multiplication and division. We have learnt about multiplication and division in Year 2 and you have been practising your 2, 5- and 10-times tables. Well done if you are completing the TTRS challenges as you will be able to complete this week’s activities confidently.


To help your child increase their confidence and make the learning visual and concrete for them, please use whatever you have available at home such as counting beads, counters, beans, pasta when working out multiplication and division questions.


As usual, please complete the activities in the same order of days as the activities build on the knowledge and skills, they gain each day.  Please remember to put the day/date on the activity sheets when completed.


To recap and familiarise with the strategies, you will need to follow the powerpoints. Below there are two powerpoints that will revise the concept of multiplication and division. They are very useful as they show visual representations. Remember to follow the powerpoints in slide show mode so that the answers will be revealed as you click on the slides.


From Tuesday onwards, you will be working on ‘Maths Mastery’ activity cards. They are in order of easy to challenge so we expect you to choose the appropriate one for your child. Most children will be able to start from the second card.  Please choose 1 multiplication and 1 division activity card to complete from Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday’s set.


Multiplication and division are one of the core areas in Maths so please do your best! Set yourself timed challenges regularly to increase your speed and accuracy. You should all be able to recall multiplication and division facts from the 2, 5- and 10- times tables.

There is no Maths activity for Thursday as you will be focusing on your Art project.